2017, be gone! 2018...try not to suck.

Well, 2017. What can we say about you? You were not good. We all thought 2016 was pretty much the worst, but 2017, you found a way to top it. For most those of us who expected 2017 to be even worse than 2016, I think it lived up to nearly every nightmare we expected. In some ways, it was even much worse than expected. While 2017 felt like it was decades long and has probably aged us all at least that much, I do think there was a lot in 2017 that should give us hope, as long as you’re willing to see it. [Read More]

What a difference ten years can make

As the final few days of Our Year of Hell 2017 come and go and we look ahead to whatever fresh new hell 2018 brings us, it feels like a good time to reflect back on the last ten years. My life, now, is completely different than what I ever thought it would or could be as 2007 Amelia looked ahead to 2008. I think about this a lot, usually while I’m running or showering, sometimes when I’m walking home from work. [Read More]

Running slump

Ugh. (I should count all the posts I’ve started off with “ugh”) I’m ready to accept it, I’m in a running rut. This happens every once in a while and often this time of year. I love running, but sometimes I just can’t gather up the motivation to really bother. Over the long Thanksgiving weekend, I completely wrecked my sleep schedule. I typically try to wake up around 5:45-6am during the week, but over the five days of Thanksgiving weekend, I slept until 9am every morning. [Read More]

Treating myself to mental health care

Anyone who reads this blog or follows me on Twitter is likely to be aware I suffer from depression. I get that kind of depression that’s more aptly described as “suicidal depression” than simply just depression. To say it’s a real buzzkill would be an understatement. But in addition to depression, I also have anxiety and ADHD. It’s a real fun trifecta, let me tell you. Not only do they each have their own symptoms, but together they make for a really fun feedback loop. [Read More]

New blog!

Welcome to my new blog! Well, it’s not completely new, but it looks different! That counts for something, right? Let’s start off with the url. I’m making the move to www.amelia.run, it’s short and obviously a .run domain is where it’s at. As for www.entirelyamelia.com, that url is now aliased to amelia.run, so both urls work completely interchangeably. No links to old blog posts will be broken and you can still get here by going to www. [Read More]

iPhone X initial impressions

After about 24 hours with the iPhone X, I wanted to write up some of my initial impressions of the phone. It’s the biggest change to the iPhone ever and I’m sure there are a ton of people who have a lot of questions. For reference, I’m coming from an iPhone 7 Plus which, while unwieldy, had become something I’d gotten used to using. First, after just powering on the phone, it feels really nice in your hand, almost like you’re just holding a screen. [Read More]

2017 Chicago Marathon - 3:32:28

Chicago Marathon number three and my twelfth marathon overall! Let me just say off the bat, I have weird mixed feelings about this race. It’s hard to complain about a 3:32 finish and a BQ, but I’m not exactly thrilled with how I got there. But before I get into the race itself… Pre-race Danielle and I got to Chicago in the early afternoon on Thursday and, for the most part, I didn’t want to spend too much time on my feet, but Thursday and Friday ended up being bit more walking around than planned. [Read More]