Adding up transition costs

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Transition isn’t cheap and when it comes to keeping track of how much I’m spending, I’ve been quite meticulous. I made the official decision to transition in May/June 2012, but I didn’t start HRT until three months ago.

Below is a rough breakdown of what I’ve spent to date while living in New Jersey and having health insurance:

  • $2287 - Therapy. Twenty sessions since last May. My therapist is out-of-network so I have to pay out of pocket, but she is very experienced with LGBT people, especially the T so I willingly pay to visit her rather than going to a covered therapist.
  • $461 - Laser hair removal for my face. Nine sessions so far, pre-paid for three more.
  • $1235 - Freezing sperm. This included the at home collection kit and a year of storage.
  • $420 - Hormones. This is the cost for almost five months worth.
  • $613 - All the lab work and doctor’s visits so far. This includes the yearly fee to be under the Papillon Wellness Center’s care for HRT.
  • $327 - Clothes so far. This does not include clothes that were given to me as gifts, but does include some that were paid for with gift cards.

Total: $5363.25 (eeeeeek!)