Three months on HRT!

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I almost didn’t even realize that today is exactly three months on hormones! Yay! I would have liked to write up a bit more than this for it, but I’m running out of time on the day. So instead, I’ll just share some of the changes I’ve already noticed:

  • My chest hair grows back much slower and thinner.
  • Two weeks ago I started to feel some tenderness under my nipples. Last week I noticed that my breast development is just barely getting under way. I’m like an AAAAAAAAAA cup.
  • My skin is a little softer. It is also drier, but in a different way than it is in the winter.
  • I’m already a much slower runner than I used to be and trying to improve and build back some strength is very difficult.
  • My taste in food has changed a lot. I still like everything I used to like, but now there are a lot of things I _like_ that I used to hate and refuse to eat. To name a few: mushrooms, asparagus, aioli and other mayo-based sauces (but not plain mayo), olives, and Brussels spouts.
  • I fall asleep a little quicker after getting in bed.
  • I haven’t really felt much in the way of the emotional changes everyone talks about. This has kind of worried me a bit. I find that I want to feel sad more now when I should, but I don’t quite feel as sad as I feel like I should and I still don’t get to a crying point.
  • My reflexes feel a little faster which doesn’t make sense. I’ve always had pretty quick reflexes, but now I kind of feel like Spiderman.
  • I’m overall much happier with myself and my life.
  • I’m less lazy and feel more motivated to just get up off the couch and get things done.
  • My sex drive is practically zero. This happened pretty quickly. I can still get aroused, but I’m much more in control of it. It used to be sex, sex, sex_ all the time,_ but now I don’t really think about it except for when I want to. Instead of my sex drive controlling me, I’m now the one in control. This has left me with a lot more free brain power.
  • My dysphoria has decreased a bit, but it’s still there.
  • I lost 3 pounds.